What does your warranty include?

Posted on May 16th, 2021 by by Mark

All of our products are covered by a warranty provided by ourselves. The warranty level and length vary from product to product but are generally 12 months. Each individual listing will list the details of the warranty schedule. Faulty goods will be repaired or replaced with goods equal to or greater in specification as deemed by the company management.

Please note that your warranty does not cover the following:

–  Software or operating systems

–  Damage caused by your mishandling, misuse, neglect, negligence, tampering or unauthorised adjustments.

–  Accidental damage or any damage caused by liquids, fire or any other event outside of our control.

–  Damage caused by a third party or yourself. This includes work completed by Apple or Apple authorised third parties.

–  Damage due to usual wear and tear or the natural ageing of the item.

–  Cosmetic damage including but limited to: dents, scratches, chips, cracks or snaps.

–  Damage caused to any connected devices such as external drives or monitors.

–  Loss or theft of your item.

If your product develops a fault within the warranty period and it cannot be repaired remotely, we will arrange for the collection, repair and return of your item. If your item is beyond repair, a replacement will be issued.

This must be in suitable packaging. We can’t be held liable for loss or damage in transit and it is advised you purchase postal insurance. We will then repair and return your item. If your item is beyond repair, a replacement will be issued as per the above.

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