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Mac Pro 6.1 – 3.0GHz 8 Core – 32GB RAM – Dual D500’s – 256GB SSD

The ultimate Apple desktop computer, the Mac Pro 6.1 is the latest and most powerful Pro series desktop Apple has ever created.


We are proud to offer 1 years warranty with this Mac Pro for great peace of mind.


This system boasts the top 3.0GHz 8 Core, 32GB RAM 1866MHz, 256GB Flash SSD & Dual D500 Graphics 6GB. A great machine with the balance of high clock speed and 8 physical cores.

The GeekBench 3 score of this Mac Pro is over 28000 and the 256GB SSD has read and write speeds of 900MB/s.


The Mac Pro does have a series of deep scratches on the top around the vent.


Connect up to 3 5K displays or 6 Thunderbolt Displays.

This system boasts huge connectivity with – 6 x Thunderbolt 2, 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x HDMI 1.4, headphone jack & digital/analog audio out.


This Mac is in stock and can be provided with the following power leads – UK, EU or US


We can install any Mac OS from Mavericks 10.9 onwards.



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Product Details

  • Condition - Refurbished
  • Model - Mac Pro
  • Flash SSD - 256GB
  • Manufacturer - Apple
  • RAM - 32GB
  • Release Year - 2013
  • CPU Cores - Eight
  • CPU - 3.0GHz 8 Core
  • GPU - Dual D500 6GB


  • £2,400.00 (£2,000.00 ex VAT)

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