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Mac Pro 5.1 (2009) – 3.46GHz 12 Core – 64GB RAM – GTX 980Ti – 250GB SSD – USB 3

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The most popular and versatile Mac Pro Apple have made. This Apple Mac Pro 5.1 boats hugely powerful Intel Xeon CPU’s with 12 physical cores and 24 virtual cores backed up by 96GB RAM running at 1333MHz. This high specification allows the user to crunch through heavy CPU and RAM intensive applications in audio, video, graphic and scientific areas.

We have installed the formidable Nvidia GTX 980Ti 6GB. This card can drive 3 x 4K displays at 60Hz via display port, 1 x 4K display at 30Hz via HDMI and 1 x 2560 x 1600 display by DVI. With over 2800 CUDA cores you can also setup your compatible programme such as Resolve, Adobe CC, etc to use the powerful GPU processor.

A 250GB SSD has been fitted for your OS and apps. The read and write performance of this drive is over 200MB/s. We can fit a PCIe SSD for an additional £95. This will speed up the SSD to 500MB/s. We will install Sierra on this Mac Pro 5.1 for you. The OS will come pre installed with the correct Nvidia Web Driver and CUDA driver, we will also activate TRIM to ensure smooth OS performance.

The Mac Pro 5.1 comes with a huge number of ports which are listed below but we have also added a USB 3 card for increased external disk performance.


Full ports setup:

5  x USB 2.0

4 x Firewire 800

2 x Gigabit Ethernet

1 x Optical In

1 x Optical Out

1 x Mic In

1 x Digital Out

1 x SuperDrive

  • Condition - refurbished
  • Release Year - 2009
  • CPU Cores - Twelve
  • RAM - 64GB
  • OS - 10.12 Sierra
  • Model - Mac Pro
  • Manufacturer - Apple

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