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What is TRIM and should I use it?

Apple introduced TRIM in OS Yosemite 10.10 onwards. TRIM allows the operating system inform the SSD which blocks of data are unused and can be wiped. The benefit of this is greater performance and a longer life span of the SSD drive. If you Mac doesn’t have an Apple made SSD or flash SSD installing enabling TRIM would be a great thing to do. If you have a standard disk drive you don’t need to enable TRIM and if you have an Apple original drive TRIM is natively installed.

Before following any of the steps bellow you must backup your date in the unlikely event your data becomes corrupted. You must also have an administrator password set on the Mac for this to work.

We do this with all our Mac’s and have never encountered an issue but we can’t be held liable for any loss of data as we strongly advise you to back up all data before enable TRIM.