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Nvidia GTX 1080Ti, Titan X (Pascal) & Titan Xp power setup

We have been heavily testing the new range of Nvidia graphics cards in all our Mac Pro’s since Nvidia very kindly made a web driver for us all! All of the range works in the Mac Pro from the 1050 to the Titan Xp. Under heavy load testing and under heavy stress in pro apps it appears 3 of the cards do require a slightly different power setup. No external power supply is required we have found a solution that is both easy to fix and requires no power cables coming into the Mac.

The GTX 1080Ti, Titan X (Pascal) & Titan Xp all require this different setup. The 2 aux power connectors on the logic board will power the 8 pin connector in the mentioned graphics cards. The setup is – 2 x mini 6 pin to 6 pin cables plugged in to a dual 6 pin to 8 pin connector. The 6 pin connector on the graphics card is then powered from a SATA power connector. If you have a spare HDD bay in your Mac the easiest way is to simply plug in a 6 pin to SATA power cable in to your spare SATA HDD socket. If you either don’t have the free HDD bay or would like a neater solution you can draw the 6 pin power from the SATA connector in the second optical bay. This again is straightforward but does take some patience getting the extension cable in the gap between the main compartment and the optical bay.

We provide all the cables mentioned above in our 1080Ti, Titan X (Pascal) and Titan Xp sales and our pre configured systems will have the advanced option drawing power from the optical bay.